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Do we do this the same way Centre for War Studies do (link to a new page for everyone – looks good) or link them directly to their own school page.


Professor Liam Kennedy  – link


Dr. John (Jack Thompson – link


Catherine Carey

Subject Extern Examiners

Professor Stephen Shapiro (2015/16  – 2018/2019)

Professor David Ryan (UCC) DATES

Professor Scott Lucas (University of Birmingham) DATES

Advisory Board 

Ted Smyth (Chair)

Terry McCarthy

Kingsley Aikins

Prof. Maurice Bric

Prof. Robert Brigham

Prof. Maeve Conrick

Prof Mark Daly

Prof. Donald Pease

Management Board 

Prof. Maurice Bric (Chair)

Prof. Danielle Clarke

Prof. Maeve Conrick

Prof. Kathleen James Chakraborty

Prof. Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin

Prof. Diane Negra


Prof. Maurice Bric

Prof Kathleen James-Chakraborty

Prof Pat Gibbons

Dr. Jamie Jones

Dr. Julien Mercielle

Prof. Diane Negra

Prof. Therese Smith


Sandra Scanlon, Emily Mark Fitzgerald, Sharae Deckard, Margaret Kelleher, Harvey OBrien, Maria Stuart, Nerys Williams, Clare Hayes-Byrne