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The Clinton Institute fosters interdisciplinary research on the United States by developing a broad programme of research seminars and events and by establishing a number of projects that will focus key research concerns of Institute faculty and associates. The continued growth of a vibrant research culture is a core element in UCD’s research strategy and the Institute will seek to advance further this institutional commitment. The Clinton Institute is an active research centre, which is developing a research agenda commensurate to its aims in promoting American and Irish American relations nationally and internationally. We welcome enquiries from potential research partners.

Current Research Projects: – The Irish Diaspora

Documenting Vunerabilities in the Irish Diaspora in the United States

Feburary 2017

Funded by the Irish Abroad Unit, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Principal Investigator – Professor Liam Kennedy

Researcher – Dr. Gemma McNulty

Diaspora Toolkit

May 2016

In May 2015, following tender, the Minister for Diaspora Affairs at the Department of the Taoiseach, Mr. Jimmy Deenihan, TD commissioned the Clinton Institute to develop a Local Diaspora Toolkit.  The production of the Toolkit follows on from a commitment in the Government’s  Diaspora Policy, published in March 2015, to develop a practical guide to support local authorities and community groups in the development of strategies for local diaspora.  It highlights the diveristy of local diaspora engagment initiatives around the country and allows community and county organisations leavn from orther project leaders.  Link to the report and image of same

Principal Investigator: Professor Liam Kennedy

Researcher – Dr. Madeleine Lyes

Supporting the Next Generation of the Irish Diaspora

January 2016

Funded by the Irish Abroad Unit, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Principal Investigator – Professor LIam Kennedy

Researchers: Dr. Martin Russell and Dr. Madeleine Lyes

More and more, states are seeking to understand the form and functions of diasporas and engage with them to provide new opportunities for knowledge transfer, tourism, conflict resolution, and many other matters. In the context of these emerging interests, Ireland has some prominence as a small nation with an over seventy million strong diaspora. This research report scopes the changing profile and needs of Irish emigrants in relation to the Government’s strategic objectives in engaging with the diaspora, particularly through the ESP, and considers how best these objectives may continue to be met. To read please click on the image.

Link to the report and image of the report.

Details on previous research carried out by the Insitute can be found in Archives (link)

The Institute currently supports three dedicated, collaborative projects to spearhead our research culture. These two-year projects are directed by Irish-based scholars who work with national and international scholars and professionals to create research networks devoted to study of the selected topics. The project leaders co-ordinate the work of their international group and organize workshops focused on their topics. Dissemination of the research will be through international conferences, workshops and publications.